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Welcome to Rewards Genius, a self-serve dashboard that allows you to send popular digital gift cards from your computer in seconds. 

On this page, you'll find article links to guide you—from logging in to Rewards Genius to funding your account to placing your first order. 

1. Log into Rewards Genius

Once you've received your Rewards Genius invite, you'll want to create a user name and password. How to Activate a New Account walks you through this process. 

For return users, a guide to logging in can be found in How to Log into an Existing Account

2. Fund an Account

You'll need to fund your account before submitting your first order.

How to Pay by ACH, Wire, or Check provides the information you'll need if you're looking to fund via ACH, wire, or physical check.

If you want to fund with a credit card, How to Register a Credit Card takes you through registering a credit card. Once you've registered at least one credit card, How to Fund an Account with an Existing Credit Card shows you how to fund. 

3. Create an Email Template

How to Create an Email Template walks you through creating your first email template, from uploading a banner logo to deciding on customer-support language. 

4. Place an Order

Once you've funded your account and created an email template, you're all set to place your first order!

Rewards Genius Ordering Options provides instructions for doing so. 

Need Help?

For additional help getting started, click the orange icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Start a new conversation by sending a specific question to our support team or search our Help Center to find an answer quickly.

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