A couple of notes before you start:

  • You will receive your Rewards Genius invite email after you have filled out your company information on our Sign-Up Page.
  • Please check your Spam folder if you cannot find your invite.


First-time log in process:

  • Check your email for an invitation with the subject line - "You've been invited to Rewards Genius."
  • Click on the blue "Accept Invite" button.
  • Your email address will automatically be populated. Create a password and click the green Log In button. 
  • Note: Password should have at least one lower-case letter, at least one upper-case letter, at least one number and at least one special character from the following list (!, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *).  Dashes, pluses, parentheses, and slashes do not work for special characters.
  • SMS two-factor authentication—enter your cellphone number and click the blue "Set Up Using SMS" button. 
  • Note: Currently, our SMS two-factor authentication only works with US based phone numbers. Email success@tangocard.com if you do not have a US mobile number.
  • After entering the seven digit authentication code, you will be prompted to enter your email address password to Sign In.

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