The cancellation policy applies to both issued digital cards and bulk code purchases

Cards that can be cancelled (incurs a cancellation fee):

  • Reward Link (all currencies)
  • Prepaid Visa and MasterCard (all currencies)

A Reward Link, Prepaid Visa, or Prepaid MasterCard that has been delivered to a recipient can’t be cancelled EXCEPT at the recipient’s request. Additionally, rewards that have been redeemed or partially used are ineligible for cancellation. 

All direct merchant and retail brands are final sale and can’t be returned, cancelled, or exchanged.


  • Per card cancellation fee: $25 
  • Maximum cancellation fee: $250 per order 

Fees are deducted from the total cancelled card amount, and the remainder is then returned to your Tango Card account. 

Information needed to cancel a card: 

Send this information to your customer success manager: 

  • Reason for cancellation
  • Order ID (examples: 117-XXXXXXXXXX or RA170418-4138-60) 
  • Card amount 
  • Card type

Your customer success manager will submit this information for approval to the appropriate brand. Please note that we can’t guarantee cancellation of rewards.

Where to find the Order ID: 

Blast customers 

Order IDs can be found in the “Processed Files” folder in Sharefile. 

API customers 

Order IDs are returned with all successful order calls; please refer to the JSON response. 

Best practices to avoid errors during ordering: 


Each card has a primary country and local currency. Verify this information matches where your end recipients are located. 

Reward amounts 

Enter the reward amount in the currency in which the card is issued. Double check each order before submitting. Treat each gift card and reward as cash. 

Tango Card won’t make currency conversions once the order has been submitted. 

API customers 

Create a checkbox or message in the UI that states the selection is final. Require users to check the box before completing a transaction.

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