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Resending a reward does not mean you are placing a new order. It simply means you are resending the original reward email.

How to Resend Rewards to the Same Email Address:

  1. Click the "Order History" icon in the navigation bar on the left side of your screen.

  2. Select from one of these search criteria: 

       - Search all accounts or Search current account.        

       - Reference Order ID—This is the unique, Tango Card–generated order ID                        attached to each reward.        
       - Recipient Email—This is the email address where the reward was originally sent.
       - Group Identifier—This shows orders processed under a specific group.
       - Notes—This is an optional custom field used at the time of ordering.
       - External Reference ID—This is a feature used by our API customers. 

   3. Enter the corresponding information into the search field and click the search                button (magnifying-glass icon). 

  4. Find your order in the search results and click the "Reference Order ID" to                      access the "Order Summary" page.

   5. Click the appropriate "Line Item ID" to open the Reward History. You can switch            between the Reward "Details" and "Reward History" for more details of the                    Reward.
   6. Click the "Reward History" to view email events and access the "Resend" button. 

   7. Click the "Resend" button and a pop-up window will appear, giving you the option         resend the reward to the same or different email address. 

   8. Toggle between the two options to select "Same email" or "Different email" and           click "Resend." You will receive a confirmation message that the reward has been          resent.

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