Note: Qualtrics incentives created via will result in actual funds being used to send real rewards. 

As a best practice, we discourage posting survey links with automated incentive delivery to social media.

What Is Rewards Genius?

Rewards Genius is a self-serve portal that hosts your Qualtrics incentive integration, making it possible to automatically send a Reward Link® to recipients upon survey completion. Rewards Genius is powered by Tango Card®. 

What Happens First? 

Prior to using this guide, you’ll sign up for a free Rewards Genius account. Once you receive an invitation, you’ll set up your Rewards Genius portal and fund your account and create an email template

What’s Covered Here?

This guide walks you through how to finish setting up your Qualtrics and Rewards Genius integration by: 

• Creating and managing an incentive in Rewards Genius

• Building a task in Qualtrics to deliver the incentive


1. Create an Incentive in Rewards Genius

  • Get started by navigating to the Integrations page in your Rewards Genius portal.

  • Then, give us some specifics about the incentive you’re creating (all fields required). 

  • You’re almost there! Now is the time to review your incentive summary and complete the incentive-creation process.

  • You’ll end up back on the Incentives page, where you can view and edit your newly created incentive. 

Continue setting up this integration in Qualtrics!

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