A UTID is a unique reward identifier—and every reward in your catalog has an associated UTID.

When to Use It

The UTID is used to complete the order spreadsheet for bulk uploads. Complete instructions for submitting bulk orders through Rewards Genius can be found in How to Place an Order with Bulk Upload.

Where to Find It

  • Go to Place an Order and select the reward you need the UTID for. The UTID is underneath the reward's name on the order page. UTIDs follow this format: UXXXXX.

  • It is also possible to email your customer success manager to request a full list of the rewards in your catalog and their associated UTIDs. UTIDs follow this format: UXXXXX. 

  • The full list of available UTIDs for your platform can also be found in the UTID Key tab of your Bulk Order Template for ease of use. 

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