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Welcome to Rewards Genius, Tango Card's one-stop shop for running your digital gift-card program. From within our simply laid-out portal, you can create reward-email templates, place orders, support your recipients, and much more!

On this page, you'll find links to how-to articles that will guide you through getting started with Rewards Genius—from logging into Rewards Genius for the first time to funding your account and placing your first order. 

If you have any questions, log into Rewards Genius and use the in-app messenger located at the lower right-hand corner of the screen or email us at

1. Log into Rewards Genius

Once you've received your Rewards Genius email invite, click the button in the email to either create a password or login with Google. How to Activate a New Account walks you through this process in more detail. 

Note: The Rewards Genius invite expires in seven days if it isn't accepted. If your Rewards Genius invite has expired, reach out to your Rewards Genius platform administrator to get your invite resent. If you don't know who your administrator is, email

For return users, a guide to logging in can be found in How to Log into an Existing Account.

2. Fund an Account

First and foremost, we took care of making sure funds that existed in your previous account are automatically transferred to and usable within your new Rewards Genius account. 

*Note: Rewards Genius requires you to pre-fund your account. 

ACH, Wire, or Physical Check

 How to Fund via ACH or Wire or How to Fund by Check, provides the information you'll need if you're looking to fund via ACH, wire, or physical check. 

*Note: You'll need to include your NEW account number with any ACH, wire, or check you send to Tango Card. 

If moving to Rewards Genius from and funding your account via ACH or wire, please use the following bank information:

Bank: Wells Fargo
Account number: 4795191980
Routing number: 121000248
Account name: Tango Card, Inc.
Bank address: 420 Montgomery, San Francisco, CA 94104
Federal tax ID: 13-4138788

Credit Card

If you want to fund with a credit card, How to Register a Credit Card takes you through registering a credit card. Once you've registered at least one card, How to Fund an Account with an Existing Credit Card shows you how to fund. 

*Note: For your security, we're unable to pass credit-card information from our legacy system to Rewards Genius. If you'd like to fund your new account via credit card, you'll need to register that card within Rewards Genius.

3. Create an Email Template

How to Create an Email Template walks you through the basics, including uploading a banner logo and deciding on recipient support language. 

*Note: Any email templates created in our legacy system won't be available in Rewards Genius.

4. Place an Order

Once you've funded your account and created an email template, you're all set to place your first order!

Rewards Genius Ordering Options provides instructions for doing so.

Note: SuperCertificates from will not expire. Recipients will need to continue to redeem those rewards at


Need Help?

For additional help getting started, click the blue icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Start a new conversation by sending a specific question to our support team or search our Help Center to find an answer quickly. 

You can also send an email to We'll respond to all messages within one business day.

*Looking to learn even more about Rewards Genius? Sign up for our weekly webcast here!

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