*Note: Please use the Google Chrome browser when navigating Rewards Genius, as this will allow for the best user experience.


Q.  What URL do I use to log into my Rewards Genius platform?

You can log into your Rewards Genius platform at  https://manage.rewardsgenius.com/#/login. We recommend bookmarking this URL for future visits.


Q. My Rewards Genius invite has expired. What can I do?

When a new user is invited to Rewards Genius, they'll be sent a Rewards Genius invitation to their email. The invitation expires in seven days if not accepted.

If your invite has expired, reach out to your Rewards Genius platform administrator to have your invitation resent. If you don't know who your Rewards Genius platform administrator is, email success@tangocard.com.


Q: What email address are rewards sent from?

Rewards are sent from noreply@tangocard.com. We recommend recipients check their spam folders and make sure there are no filters blocking messages from noreply@tangocard.com.


Q.  I would like to import my order history to a file. Is that possible?

Yes, this is possible via the Reporting feature in your Rewards Genius portal. You can learn more about the Reporting feature here.


Q.  Can I disable multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

We take security very seriously here at Tango Card, and want to make sure to protect not only ourselves, but you, as our customer. In order to do that, we have put in place numerous security measures, and one of these is MFA. Therefore, we are not able to disable MFA.


Q.  Why is the status of my order Pending?

The Pending Order Status means that the order needs a little longer to process. Pending orders should be processed and delivered within one (1) business day. Because pending orders take one business day to process, orders placed on Friday afternoon or over the weekend may be processed on the following Monday, which is the next business day. Once delivered, the order status will change to Complete.


Q.  How can I tell if a recipient has redeemed their reward?

You’ll find reward redemption information on the Order History page in your portal. A detailed guide to the Order History page is available here, and a guide to checking if a Reward Link® has been redeemed here.


Q.  I sent a reward to the wrong email address. Is there a way to resend it to a different address? 

Yes, you can! Click here to see how to resend a reward to the correct email address via your portal. 


Q: Are there fees for resending a reward?

There are no additional fees for resending a reward!

When you resend a reward, the same reward information is sent to the recipient at either the same or a new e-mail address. There are no fees for this service.


Q: Can I customize what brands a recipient can redeem with their Reward Link®?

We can help with the creation of a custom Reward Link! For a one-time $450 fee, a custom Reward Link lets you customize your gift card redemption catalog as well as a custom redemption page, verbiage, and brand imagery. You can learn more about custom Reward Links here.

If you're interested in getting started with your own custom Reward Link, email success@tangocard.com.


Q.  How can I learn more about my Rewards Genius platform?

We're very glad to hear you want to learn more about your Rewards Genius portal! You can sign up for our webcasts here.


Q: Can I change the phone number that my multi-factor authentication (MFA) code is sent to?

Yes, reach out to success@tangocard.com to reset your Authy registration. The next time that you log into Rewards Genius, you'll be prompted to re-register your phone number.

Note: only US-based phone numbers can be registered for our MFA systems. Reach out to our Success Team success@tangocard.com if you do not have US-based phone number. 

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