2. Enable Tango Card as a Task in Qualtrics

  • Click the Admin tab in the top-right corner of your Qualtrics account to get started.
  • Next, select Users from the available menu options.
  • Click the hyperlinked email address of the Brand Administrator for your Qualtrics account. 

Note: The Brand Administrator designation can be found in the User Type column.

  • Once on the Brand Administrator’s page, you’ll be able to finish enabling the Tango Card task.


3. Build a Task in Qualtrics

  • To build a task, first you’ll want to head to the Actions page in your Qualtrics account.
  • Next, choose Tango Card from your task options.
  • Then choose how you’ll collect respondent email addresses.
  • Now is the time to use that code you copied from Rewards Genius. 
  • To wrap things up, review your action details—which should match the information provided when creating the incentive in Rewards Genius—and click Finish. Your incentive is ready to go!

Manage your incentives in Rewards Genius!

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