Note: A Recipient Whitelist is a list of recipients uploaded by an Admin that sets boundaries on who may receive a reward from your Rewards Genius portal. 

  • To start, click the blue button in the top-right corner, then click from the drop-down menu.

  • Click the "Recipients" tab.

  • Click the three dots toward the top right of the screen, then click Download Recipients Template.

  • Fill out the three requested fields on the downloaded template before saving it with a unique name. We suggest including the date in the file name.

  • Note: If rewards will be sent to Rewards Genius users, include those users in your Recipient Whitelist as well.

  • As a last step, upload your recipients template to your portal by clicking the three dots toward the top right of the screen, then clicking Update Recipients.

  • Drag your file into your portal, or select your file from your computer.

  • If you have an existing recipient whitelist, you'll be notified of all changes that will occur by uploading the new recipient whitelist. Click the Added Recipients or Removed Recipients bar to see which recipients are being added/removed.

  • Click the Confirm Update button to finalize your upload. After a few moments, the Recipients page will then reflect your current recipient whitelist.

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