A few notes before you start:

  • After you've completed filling out your bulk user file, send it to our Rewards Genius support team so that they can upload it to your platform.

  • There's an option to add custom fields starting in Column G (max: 15 columns).


How to Upload Your First Bulk-User File

1. Download our Bulk User Upload template via this link.

2. Enter required user information into your downloaded excel template.

Fill out, at minimum, four required columns for each user:

  • User First Name (Column A)

  • User Last Name (Column B)

  • User Email Address (Column C)

  • Role (Column D): Select the appropriate user role: Admin, Standard, Support Lead, Support or Sender. Definitions provided below. 

Note: If you've created a Custom Role via the Role Management feature, you can use that custom role in you Bulk User Upload template.

  • Organization Access? (Column E) - Yes or No must be entered into this field to determine whether a user has access to all data under the platform or not.

3. (Optional) Enter additional information for users without organization-wide access.

If a user isn't granted complete organization access, complete these additional columns. as needed:

  • Group(s) Access (Column F): If the user needs access to specific Group(s), enter group ID(s) the user should have access to, separated by a comma and a space. Leave the cell blank if you do not want to specify a group for them to have access to. An example has been provided below:

  • Account(s) Access (Column G): Required if: If the user needs access to specific Account(s), enter account number(s) the user should have access to, separated by a comma and a space. An example has been provided below:

4. (Optional) Enter custom fields

  • Custom fields can be created by entering text in Row 1 of each column after Column G.

  • Custom values are then populated for each user by entering data into the corresponding rows.

  • There's a limit of 15 custom fields that can be used.

  • Examples are provided below:

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