Rewards Genius, our new self-serve portal, gives you more control than ever over your rewards and incentives program. Moving beyond the ability to instantly send rewards, it provides visibility into your rewards history and spend—helping you get even more value from the rewards you send. 

Meant for new Rewards Genius users, this weekly webcast walks you through everything you need to get started. Topics covered include the following:

  • Creating an account or two, depending on your needs
  • Funding your account—whether you’re using a credit card or sending an ACH/wire payment
  • Creating a custom email template that tells your organization’s story every time a reward is sent
  • Placing your first order—no matter if you’re using our simple order method or bulk upload

Our team hosts this webcast every Tuesday at 1pm PST. During the webcast, there will be a Q&A portion where you can ask in real-time any questions you might have. 

The link to sign up is here!

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