Dynamic tag: a field in reward emails that changes based on the information entered when placing the order, specific to a particular recipient or transaction. 

To use dynamic tags in the reward emails you're sending, you'll first need to insert them into the email template you plan to use. To start, either create a new email template or edit an existing template. 

Note: Please use the dynamic tags offered when clicking the "Insert dynamic tag" option. Altering these dynamic tags, or creating custom dynamic tags, may result in email template issues or order failure.

Then, take two simple steps:

  1. Find the "Insert dynamic tag" option in the top right corner of the "Subject", "Message Body", or "Closing" fields in the email template builder. 

2. Click that button to view a drop-down menu of available dynamic tags. From          there, click the dynamic tag you'd like to insert into the message body. 

Dynamic Tags

There are four dynamic tags available for custom email templates:

  1. {{recipient_name}} The first and last name of the person receiving the reward email. Learn more about this tag here.

  2. {{message}} The custom messaging included in each email. Note: You can also include static messaging in email templates that include this tag. Learn more about this tag here.

  3. {{reward_name}} The name of the reward being sent (for example, Reward Link®). Learn more about this tag here.

  4. {{from_name}} The name of the email sender. Learn more about this tag here.

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