There are four dynamic tags available for custom email templates:

  1. {{recipient_name}} The first and last name of the person receiving the reward email. Learn more here.

  2. {{message}} The custom messaging included in each email. 

  3. {{reward_name}} The name of the reward being sent. Learn more here.

  4. {{from_name}} The name of the email sender. Learn more here.



The {{message}} tag can be populated through any of the three ordering methods (simple, advanced, or bulk) with text entered into the following locations:

  • Simple Mode—Using the {{message}} tag during Simple Order Mode is a special case. We recommend deleting the {{message}} tag within the "Message" field during Step 3 of the order flow and replacing it with the message you'd like to send to recipients.

  • Advanced Mode—Either type the message directly into the "Message" field to use the same custom message for each recipient in your order... 

  • OR click the "Message on/off" toggle to manually enter a different message for each recipient.

  • Bulk Upload — "Reward Message" field (Column I)

Note: Learn how to insert dynamic tags into your custom email templates in this article.

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