The order has finished processing, and all rewards in the order have been sent. See this article for descriptions of individual line-item statuses.


The order needs a little longer to process. Pending orders should be processed and delivered within one (1) business day. Because pending orders take one business day to process, orders placed on Friday afternoon or over the weekend may be processed on the following Monday, which is the next business day.

Once delivered, the order status will change to Complete


Some of the line items in the order have processed successfully while others haven't. Click on the Reference Order ID to view specific line-item statuses and determine which rewards were sent and which failed.

Not Delivered

The reward email(s) for this order were sent, but not delivered. This could be due to factors such as the reward being sent to an invalid email address, or a spam filter. We recommending resending the reward to an alternate email address. 


The entire order was unable to be sent. When this happens, your account is refunded for the total value of the order. We recommend placing a new order to ensure your rewards are still sent. 

You can check our Status Page or email for more information on why your order may have failed.

See this article for line item statuses.

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