Automatic Program Set-Up

1. Now we’ll take you through setting up an automatic program triggered by Salesforce Process Builder. 

2. This time you’ll choose the Automatic program type. 

3. Complete all of the required fields in the Program Details tab. 

4. Choose which reward—and denomination—you’d like to send in this program. Available brands are based on what’s loaded into your Rewards Genius catalog. The default reward is Reward Link Preferred, our choice card with brands like, Starbucks, Target, and Walmart. For more options, contact us.

5. Once you see the Program Successfully Created pop-up window, you’re almost done! To start triggering the reward program, a Salesforce Administrator will need to create a process in Process Builder. 

We cover how to create a basic process for sending rewards in the next section.


Creating a Basic Process with Process Builder

1. Once you’ve set up your automatic program, you’ll likely need to create a new process to trigger the program. To start, you’ll want to name and describe the new process. 

2. Next, you’ll specify when to start the process.

3. Now you’ll need to set the criteria for sending a reward.

4. As a last step, you’ll need to define the action for sending the reward. For any additional help with using Process Builder, check out the Salesforcehelp article


Manage Your Rewards

1. At any point,you can log into Rewards Genius and navigate to the Order History page to view any past rewards sent through Salesforce—from both Manual and Automatic programs.

2. Take even more control of your gift-card spend by digging into order details, including reward amount and recipient, date sent, and delivery status.


Additional Resources

• Contact us at  

• Check out the SalesforceProcess Builder help article.

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