We hope you've found Rewards Genius to be a rewarding way to manage your reward or incentive program! We believe in the power of word of mouth, which is why we offer a referral program that rewards you for introducing companies to Rewards Genius.

To get started, click the Refer and Earn button on your Toolbar.

Then enter your email and click Sign Up/Sign In to view your referral link and sharing options.

Once you've clicked the Sign Up/Sign In button, the next page provides your referral link.

Select Send Email to enter the address of a business you're referring, then follow these three steps to add recipients:

Once the recipient(s) have been entered, you can send the email.

The recipient receives an email titled Check out this company! that's delivered from marketing@tangocard.com.

After they click on the link, it will take them to the following page:

Once your referral signs up for Rewards Genius and is determined to be a business in good standing, you'll receive your first $25 Reward Link. You'll receive another $25 Reward Link when they place their first order.

Thank you for your interest in furthering our message! To read more about the Referral Program, you can find it here.

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