Are you starting an employee rewards program at your company? Refreshing the one that’s already in place? Digital gift cards bring you one step closer to ensuring employees are receiving meaningful, desired rewards—helping you achieve the goal of happy, healthy, productive, and engaged employees.

Join us for a one-hour webcast, where we’ll be interviewing Becky Hathaway, PHR. As Tango Card’s senior employee experience manager, Becky will share what’s made the company’s employee rewards program a success—and how using Rewards Genius has helped her streamline efforts as Tango Card has grown.

Specific topics we’ll cover include:

  • Creating an employee rewards program from scratch—and how to grow that program as your company grows

  • Deciding which type of rewards make the most sense for your company, such as spot awards, anniversary awards, and peer-to-peer rewards

  • Using a platform, such as TinyPulse, to manage peer-to-peer rewards

  • Employing Rewards Genius, our self-serve rewards portal, to make it easier to track rewards and spending

You can view the on-demand copy of this webcast here.

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