You may now create custom roles and permission sets for your users.

To begin, click the Accounts button on top right of your page, then click Accounts & Users from the drop-down menu.

Navigate to the Users tab, click the three dots in top-right corner of the page, then click Role Management.

You'll find the portal's default roles listed on the left side of the screen. Click the Create Role button to create a new custom role.

Designate a name for this custom role in the top field.

You may then begin toggling on permissions for this new custom role. Check out our User Permissions guide for information about the different permission options.

Once you're finished, click the Create button to finalize and save your new custom role or Cancel to cancel creating this custom role.

You can edit a custom role you've created by clicking on the custom role on the left of your page and toggling permissions on or off. Click the Save button to finalize your changes.

Note: The Save button will be greyed out if you haven't made any changes to your custom role.

Note: Changing a role impacts all users assigned to that role. Confirm your change by clicking Save Changes.

Note: The portal's default roles can't be edited, but you can duplicate a default roles and edit the copy.

To do so, click the three dots by the default role you would like to duplicate, then click Duplicate.

The duplicated role's name will include the name of the original role, with "Copy" added at the end⁠—for example, duplicating the "Standard" role results in the name "Standard Copy." You can edit this name to your own preference.

Once you finish customizing your duplicate role, click the Create button to finalize and save it.

Now when inviting a new user to your portal, the custom roles you've created will be available to select and assign to that user.

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