Standard Mode is designed to make it as simple as possible to send rewards to up to 15 recipients. If you need to send rewards to more than 15 recipients, we suggest taking a look at our Bulk Upload guide.

In order to send mailed rewards, you must first have the option in your Rewards Genius catalog. Learn more about about Printed Reward LinksĀ® here, and how you can give your recipients a whole new reward experience.

Note: You can find the guide to ordering via Standard Mode - Email Delivery here.


To begin, go to the left-side navigation bar and click Place an Order. Then follow these steps:

1). Select the reward you'd like to send

  • The reward you select will be added to your cart. You'll have the option of adding more items to your cart before checkout.

2). Mail Delivery: Enter your recipient, reward, and physical template information

  • Add additional recipients for this reward by clicking the + icon next to Recipients. We recommend adding no more than 15 recipients. If you do need to add more than 15, check out our Bulk Upload guide.

  • Fill out your recipient's information, including their physical address. Click the Print Templates button to select the Print Template for sending these rewards.

  • If you have a custom Print Template you would like to use instead, use the arrows toward the the top of the page to navigate to that custom print template. Learn how to create custom Print Templates here.

  • If you are using the Standard Template, or would like to customize the To name, From name, or Message fields, you can do so via the fields on the right of the page. You will see a preview of your text on the left of the page.

  • By clicking the non redemption side tab, you also have the option of entering custom text that will appear in the letter head of the Printed Reward Link.

  • To finalized your changes, click Apply Template.

  • Once you are ready to add this item(s) to your Shopping Cart, click the Add to Cart button.

  • To make any final changes to any of the line items in your Shopping Cart, click the Edit button for that line item. Click save to the right of the page to save your changes.

  • If you need to clear your cart, click the Delete All button near the top-right corner of the page.

  • Please note if you add a standard order to your cart, but do not check out and attempt to upload a bulk order while there are items in your cart, the bulk order will override whatever is currently in the cart.

  • Click the Checkout button to continue your order.

  • Once on the Checkout page, use the Order PO Number and Order Notes fields if you would like to reference a particular PO number or note for this order. The notes entered on this Checkout Page will be associated with the entire order, whereas the notes entered in the Notes field at beginning of the order will be associated with the line-item they were entered for.

  • These fields can not be seen by your recipients; these are available for you to view in your Rewards Genius Order History page.

  • Click Place Order to place your order. Once completed, you will be directed to Order History page where you may check the status of your order.

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