You have the ability to transfer funds between accounts from right inside your Rewards Genius portal.

To begin, click the Funding tab on the left-hand side of the page:

From here, select the Transfer Funds option at the top of the page:

A modal will pop up. First, select the account you want to transfer funds from(please note that you can only transfer funds between accounts that you have the permissions to access):

You can type the name of the account or click the drop-down menu to select it from the list of available accounts:

Select the account you want to move the funds to:

Enter the amount you'd like to transfer (please note that you can only move funds between accounts of the same currency):

Finally, enter a note explaining this transfer. Please note it's required to have a note for every transfer:

Once these fields are filled out, the Transfer Funds button will populate, and you'll be able to submit that transfer request:

Once you've submitted your transfer request, you'll be redirected back to the Funding page. To view your transfer, select the Funding history tab:

View the record of those funds moving between accounts:

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