One of the most common questions you might have when sending out rewards is whether or not they've been redeemed. Fortunately for our Reward Link items, that redemption information exists inside your Rewards Genius portal!

Please note that only the redemption information of Reward Links is available with Rewards Genius. Individual items, such as Amazon, Walmart, Visa, don't have redemption details available.

Begin by navigating to the Order History tab.

Select the Ref Order ID of the order you're interested in seeing the redemption info for.

Then, on the Order Summary page, select the Line ID for the reward in which you're interested.

A popup will appear on the right with tabs for Details and Reward History. If you select the Reward History tab, you can see whether the reward has been redeemed or not.

If your recipient hasn't opened the email containing their Reward Link, you'll see a similar Reward History tab as above. You should see it having been Sent, Processed, and Delivered to your recipient. If after a few minutes you see Not Delivered or Bounced, try resending that reward by following our guide.

A reward where the recipient has opened the email but hasn't clicked the redemption link will look like this.

A reward where the recipient has opened and clicked on the redemption URL but hasn't redeemed the reward will look like this.

A redeemed reward will show the item that it's been redeemed for.

Open and Click in this section refers to the second email that's sent with your recipient's actual gift card.

Our mail-delivered Reward Links won't provide a Processed or Delivered status because they aren't sent via email. You'll only be able to see the item they redeem the Reward Link for.

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