All digital rewards are sent via email using a email template, which contains space to customize your recipient message.

There are three ways to customize a reward message:

  1. Email template: Create a custom message that can be used over and over with custom email templates.

  2. Placing order: multiple rewards: Personalize a unique message for multiple rewards by editing the email template while placing an order.

  3. Placing order: individual: Create a unique message for each individual reward by editing the email template when reviewing the cart or by uploading a bulk order.

This article discusses customizing individual messages with each reward.

You can also learn about customizing the email template message that can be reused for multiple orders here, or creating the same custom message for a multiple orders here.


Personalize Messages for Each Recipient

After orders have been added to the cart using Standard Order Mode, click the cart to view all line items in the order. Clicking Edit/Change per line item here will allow a custom message to be written specifically to that recipient.

Learn more about the standard order flow here.

It's also possible to use the dynamic {{message}} tag in your templates to populate them with the Message column in bulk order uploads. The contents of the Reward Message column in a bulk order file will only appear in a template if the {{message}} dynamic tag is used in that template.

The {{message}} dynamic tag will not be visible without a corresponding message. When using the standard order flow, the message can be customized using one of the methods described above to edit a message in place of the {{message}} dynamic tag.

Learn more about placing orders using bulk upload here.

Learn more about the {{message}} dynamic tag here.

Learn about customizing a reusable message with an email template here.

Learn about customizing the same message for multiple orders here.

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