An email template can be set as the default either at the time of template creation or after the template has been created by editing the template.

There are three steps for creating an email template:

  1. Details: Customize the email template, including email banner, message, and more

  2. Access Levels: Set template access to the entire Platform or specific Accounts or Groups

  3. Defaults: Set a template as the default for the Platform or specific Accounts or Groups


How to Set a Default Email Template

  • Click the blue account menu in the top-right corner of the screen. Click Reward Templates from the drop-down menu.

  • Find the email template for which you'd like to change access levels and click the three dots next to it, and then choose Edit Template. You can also create a new email template. When creating a new email template, prior to setting it as a default, you will also need to [set the template access levels].

  • Click Template Default, and select whether the template will be set as the default at the Platform, Group, or Account level.

  • When choosing Group or Account as the default level, a drop-down menu will populate with all available Groups and Accounts. The default can be selected from this list.

Note: If a template has its access levels set to specific Groups or Accounts, that template can only be used as the default at its highest level of specific access. For example, a template that has its access level set to a specific Account can only be used as the default for that Account; it can't be set as the default for a specific Group or the Platform.

Learn more about email template access levels here.


How Default Templates Work

  • If a template is set as the default at the Account level, regardless of other default templates, making orders from that Account will always use its default template automatically.

  • If a template is set as the default at the Group level, making orders from any accounts within that Group will use its default template automatically unless a specific account within that Group has a template set as its default. The Account-level default template will override the Group level default template.

  • If a template is set as the default at the Platform level, making orders from any Account that doesn't have a default template assigned to it either at the Group or Account level will use the default Platform-level template. The Account and Group-level templates will override the Platform-level default template.

  • When placing an order, if you switch the Account from which the order is made, and a different template is set as its default, you'll receive a notification.


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