All rewards sent through Rewards Genius have redemption credentials such as a link or code that allow the reward to be redeemed and used. In some cases a recipient may have issues accessing their reward or redemption credentials. These credentials can be retrieved through Rewards Genius and sent directly to the recipient to help troubleshoot in these cases.

How to Get Reward Redemption Credentials

Start by going to the Order History page in Rewards Genius.

Find the order that contains the reward you need credentials for, and click the order, then on the line item for the specific reward.

In the pop-out, scroll down in the Details tab until you see a section labeled Reward Credentials with an eye icon next to it.

Click the eye icon to show the reward credentials. From here, it's possible to copy the credentials so they can be pasted into separate messages to the recipient.

This feature is intended to help troubleshoot issues with recipients getting their rewards. The credentials should only be shared with the appropriate parties, such as the reward recipient.

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