A few notes before you start:

  • Want to send rewards immediately? You can use the Tango Card Standard Template with the Tango Card Genius logo at the top of each email.
  • The reward message can either be customized at the time of ordering or hard-coded into an email template.


Glossary of Terms:

  • Hard-coded text: Language that can be added to an email template's text boxes that will appear in every reward email that's issued to recipients. 
  • Example: If reward emails will always be sent from your company's name, enter hard-coded text (Company ABC) into the "From Name" field.
  • Dynamic field: A field that changes in every reward email based on information entered when placing an order that's specific to a particular recipient or transaction. 
  • Example: If reward emails will be sent from different managers, inserting a dynamic tag ({{from_name}}) into the "From Name" field will populate the "From Name" field with the sender name specified during the ordering process. 
  • ETID: A unique ID associated with an email template. Each custom template is randomly assigned an ETID upon creation.
  • Example: When creating a bulk order upload file, there is a column to insert an ETID for each order. Learn more about ETIDs here.


Click here to watch a short tutorial on How to Create an Email Template in your Rewards Genius portal. 


How to Build an Email Template:

  • Click the blue account menu in the top right corner of the screen. Click on Reward Templates from the drop down menu.
  • Click Create Template in the top right corner of the screen. From here you will be brought to a new, blank Email Template

Filling Out an Email Template:

You can customize the following fields when creating a Reward Template, note that some fields are required:

  • Email template name (required) — enter a name for the email template. Note: This is only visible in Rewards Genius, it is not visible to reward recipients.
  • From name (recommended) — enter a name that will appear as the sender/from name when the reward email is sent. This is visible in the "From" field in the recipient's inbox.
  • Subject (required) — enter the email subject line that will appear as the email subject for reward emails.
  • Add header image (optional) — upload a banner image, which will appear at the top of your reward emails. It must be 650px x 150px in PNG or JPEG format. Images that have different dimensions may appear distorted. Note: If no image is uploaded, the standard Tango Card logo will appear.
  • Image alt text (required) — if the recipient's email client or browser does not download the header image, the alt text will appear instead. Screen readers for visually impaired will also read out the alt text for the image. This can be your company name, or the text that is on your custom header.
  • Accent color (optional) – the color chosen will be used to display the card $ amount, the redemption URL, and "To Redeem" in the recipient's email. This needs to be in a hexadecimal code or selected using the color picker in the template builder.
  • Message body (required) — enter hard-coded text, the {{message}} dynamic tag, or a combination of hard-coded text and dynamic tags. Dynamic tags will only populate when corresponding fields have been filled out in the order. It is possible to override the message body for any template during the Standard Order Flow by selecting to edit the template per line item.
  • Closing (optional) — enter hard-coded text, the {{from_name}} dynamic tag, or a combination of the two. 
  • Customer service message (optional)—Tango Card's customer-support contact information is included by default. If you'd like to include your own customer-service information, uncheck the box, confirm you're going to provide your own customer service, and enter that information into the text field. Note: We highly recommend leaving this box checked.
  • Set as default - this option allows you to set the email template as the Default to either the platform, group, or account level. We suggest using this option if you know you'll use this template frequently.

When you are finished with customization, review the email template, and click Save Template.

If an edit needs to be made at any time, you can return to the Email Templates page. There, you'll find all of your saved email templates. Click the three-dots menu next to the template you would like to edit, and select Edit Template.


Editing, Previewing, and Send Test Emails:

Using the three-dots menu for a Reward Template, you can manage your templates:

  • Select Edit Template to make any changes to your saved custom email template.
  • Select Send Test Email to send a test email to yourself before sending rewards out with your new email template. 
  • Select Preview Template to get a preview view of what your email template will look like to end-recipients. The preview shows dynamic tags and does not populate them as they might appear in a reward email.
  • Select Duplicate Template to create a copy of that template. Here you can make adjustments to create a new template while still saving your original custom template.
  • Select Delete Template to delete a saved custom email template.

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