Which brands are available?

The Qualtrics integration uses our Reward Link® product, which contains a broad range of e-gift cards sure to please all survey participants. We’ve found choice often drives better completion and response rates.

I only want to send Amazon.com gift cards or Visa® USD rewards. Is that possible?  

Yes, it's possible to customize your Reward Link catalog. Reach out to success@tangocard.com or your Tango Card customer success manager to learn more about your options.

We’re sending a survey using our uploaded contact list in Qualtrics. Is it possible to have the Tango Card integration send incentives to participants by using the email addresses included in that list?  

In the Tango Card Task, you can choose to send incentives by referencing a contact list previously uploaded into Qualtrics. If you choose to do so, we suggest checking with your Qualtrics representative to confirm the database is syncing correctly because Qualtrics is in the process of upgrading platforms. 

That said, we strongly recommend collecting an email address at the end of the survey by including a question asking, “Where would you like your reward sent?” 

I don’t see the Tango Card integration in Qualtrics. How do I activate it?  

The Tango Card integration is available to all customers with paid Qualtrics accounts. It may not appear for someone using a free version. In certain instances, a Qualtrics administrator may need to activate the integration.

How do I prevent participants from getting multiple rewards?   

The Tango Card integration allows you to limit the number of incentives sent per email alias. For example, when creating an incentive, select 1 in the Completes Allowed tab in Section 4. This will ensure only one incentive will be sent to each email alias.

We also recommend using the Start Date and End Date fields to align incentives with the fielding duration of your survey.

Can I edit an incentive once my survey goes live?

Yes, you can edit an incentive at any time. If you choose to do so, note there’s no need to change the already copied code that’s been entered into Qualtrics.

My study needs to be anonymous. How do I deliver incentives?  

Qualtrics makes it possible to send participants a Reward Link without an email address. Your Qualtrics administrator can provide further instructions for doing so.

Will I be able to set up my integrated incentive to randomly select a single participant to receive a "raffle" incentive for this survey? 

It's our understanding Qualtrics no longer supports the "raffle" feature for sending incentives to survey participants. For more details, please reach out to your Qualtrics representative. 

However, if you're still interested in sending incentives to only a select number of participants who complete your survey, the Blast Rewards ordering process in Rewards Genius will enable you to deliver incentives outside of the integration. A how-to guide can be found HERE.

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