You have the ability to download order history reports directly from your Rewards Genius portal. We detail how to do it below! 

To view the information captured in this report, check out this article.

How to Generate and Download a Report

   1. Click the "Reports" icon in the navigation bar on the left side of your screen.

   2. Select the level at which you would like to pull the report:

  • Organization: All Groups and Accounts on your Rewards Genius platform.

  • Group: A specific Group, including every Account under it.

  • Account: A specific Account.

Note: Your ability to pull a report at a particular level depends on your permissions and access level.

   3. Select a "date range."

  4. Enter a name for the report, and click "Generate Report."

   5. The following message will appear: "You'll be notified via email once your report           is available to download". 

   6. Once you've received a notification email, you'll be routed to the "Generated                Reports" tab. Click the "Download" button to access the report.

   7. Click the arrow to the right of the Download button for more report details. 

   8. Additional details will appear such as the Report ID, the Requester of the report,          the Requested Date of the report, and which users will see the report.

  • Note: At any time, you can repeat this process to generate and download an updated report.

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