Note: This feature may not be available within your account. If you'd like access to this feature, please send us an email or use the message icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen. Once the feature is turned on for your account, an admin will need to turn on the API Keys permission for the appropriate user(s). Please reference our User Permissions article for assistance.

To start, click the blue Account button in the top-right corner to access the API Keys section.

Click Settings

Click Manage under API Keys.

Click Generate API Key to generate a new API key. Only two (2) API keys may be active at any time. 

Note: Using a Production API key will result in live funds being used to send rewards.

Keys are masked by default. Click the Eye icon to unmask the key and copy it to your clipboard. 

Deactivate an active key by clicking Deactivate API Key

Note: Deactivating an API key requires you to acknowledge that doing so may break any integrations using that key.

View event logs for each generated API key toward the bottom of the API Key page, including when keys were created, viewed, and/or deactivated.

Note: If you are looking for your Platform Name, you can find it in the upper left corner of your portal (i.e. the Platform Name for this portal is "ANDemo") - 

For ease of reference, API endpoints can be found below - 

Sandbox API Endpoint:

Production API Endpoint:

Links to our API documentation and test console can be found below as well - 

Tango Card RaaS API Documentation:

RaaS API Test Console 2.0:

Finally, you can contact our Developer Support at

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